Wood Hydro Turbine Bearings

Wet-running thrust and guide bearings

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 Woodex manufactures a complete line of wet-running thrust and guide bearings in a variety of materials for hydroelectric turbines. While longtime industry-standard lignum vitae can still be furnished, Woodex’s oil-impregnated maple material provides an alternative which offers long service life - in some cases exceeding ten years. This material’s high lubricant load permits it to survive the high temperatures of turbine overspeed conditions without excessive wear.

In addition to Woodex impregnated maple and lignum vitae, high-performance synthetic materials are also available, headed up by Meco 4000, a bearing-grade, filled polyetheretherketone (PEEK) with outstanding wet-running wear properties.

A leader in wood bearing fabrication for 100 years, Woodex has the design savvy and manufacturing expertise to serve your most demanding bearing needs.

Wood turbine guide or quarter-block bearings are made up in segmented staves, for proper grain orientation.  To ensure corrosion resistance, segmented bearings are bolted-up with type 316 stainless threaded rod and nuts.

Our design team uses your original equipment drawings, existing bearings, measured dimensions and your shaft speed and load information to produce reliable yet economical bearings, tailor-made for your machinery.

Woodex hydro bearings are custom designed to best suit your application.