Replacement Wood Bearings for Disc Harrows, Cultipackers & Other Farm Equipment

 Woodex also makes replacement wood bearings for Ferguson and other disc harrows.

Our part number WX-022 is a direct replacement for Ferguson harrow parts 662 155 M1 and 662 156 M1 (or A-BO-5580-B and A-BO-5581-B). The Ferguson bearings were furnished as either top or bottom sections; WX-022 is a single set of (1) top and (1) bottom. These bearings fit the Ferguson ABO-21 (trailed) tandem disc harrow, which is also known as the Ford/ Dearborn Series C tandem disc, and the Ferguson ABO-22 three-point tandem disc - also known as the Massey Harris or Massey Ferguson 22 lift-type disc. WX-022 also replaces the Ford/Dearborn Series C (Pull-Type) models 11-12, 11-12B, 11-13, 11-14, 11-14B, and 11-15 as well as Series D (Lift-Type) models 11-59, 11-60, 11-60B, 11-61 and 11-62.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some later-model discs in these model ranges were not equipped with wood bearing inserts.  Check your machinery and verify it uses wood bearings before ordering WX-022!


Thanks to Robert Sybrandy, author of the "Harry's Toolbox" column in Ferguson Furrows magazine, for some of the model designations.

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