Replacement Auger Bearings for Sears (and other) Snowblowers

Woodex's WA52-16M is a 2.047" o.d. spherical bearing for

a 1" diameter shaft.


It should replace the obsolete Sears part number 9052 for the following Sears 40" and 36" snowthrowers:

842.240721    842.240726    842.240722    842.64009    842-26061


We have also been told this part replaces the auger bearing on International model H36 and various AMF, Scotts/Murray (#24571), John Deere and Haban Manufacturing machines.

The WA32-16M is a 2" o.d. sphere, also for a 1" shaft. Bore sizes include proper wet running clearance for operation in snow. Other sizes are available. Woodex invites both wholesale and retail inquiries on these bearings.

PLEASE NOTE:  These bearings are sold in sets of two; for best results, both bearings should be replaced as soon as possible after purchase, even if only one original bearing is worn.  Wood is inherently unstable dimensionally and even if stored carefully, will move over time.  Installation as close as possible to manufacturing date will ensure proper fit and long life.